eHospital Systems

eHospital Systems

eHospital Systems is a customizable, comprehensive, and integrated Hospital Management System designed to manage all hospital operations. The ideal client base for eHospital is Healthcare facilities, multi-specialty clinics, and medical practitioners. Multi-Location functionality allows your hospitals, satellite clinics, and medical stores to be interconnected. Traditional approaches encompass paper-based information processing as well as resident work position and mobile data acquisition and presentation. The customizable alert software sends the text, IM, and email reminders and improves the quality of patient care. This hospital management software helps you to be aware of revenue streams, patient records, and other critical metrics in real-time at your fingertips. It allows electronic sharing of patient records with other providers and medical applications and manages the overall health of patients such as patients and providers can see lab results and history online, securely chat with providers, schedule the next appointment. Our Health care Management system Software is user-friendly and with no error that is usually associated with handwriting. Pulling up server or cloud information is now quickly done with new technological computer systems, yielding optimal performance. Patients can find doctors and book online appointments based on specialty, rating, fees, and availability. Organizing doctor schedules, collating patient notes, and handling payment is effortless. Doctors and Patients can check the calendar on mobile phones and live less chaotic lives. Hospital Management System Software is available for on-premise and on-cloud installations. Ecubes developed eHospital Systems – Hospital Management Information System based on the best practices around the world.
Modules Covered

Solutions we served includes

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    Patient Registration

    • Patient Registration module of Dental Software eDentra is designed to manage vital information for the patient information chart, which marks the outset of demographics capture. It encompasses the patient’s name, address and contact information, birth date, employer, and insurance information.
    • Unique patient ID for tracking visits
    • Automatically verifies patients’ benefits eligibility using secured electronic data interchange
    • Sends updates through SMS text messages or emails to reduce no-shows.

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    Appointment & Scheduling

    • The Appointment & Scheduling module of Dental Software eDentra is designed to manage the effective scheduling of appointments of patients for the doctors, laboratory, and radiology services.
    • Quick and effective patient scheduling
    • Online and offline appointment availability
    • Patients and staff can check appointment status
    • Sends updates through SMS text messages or emails to reduce no-shows.

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    Outpatient Management

    • Outpatient Management module of Dental Software eDentra is designed to manage everything related to Outpatient activities.
    • Straightforward Patient Billing / Insurance Claims and Collection
    • Organized services, e.g., Consulting Services, Procedures, Medicines, X-Ray, Labs, MRI, etc.
    • Manage invoice, payment due, and advance payment
    • SMS for patient notification, payment, next vaccine dose
    • Generates various reports and analytics to provide the insights to operations

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    Inpatient Management

    • Inpatient Management module of hospital management system is designed to manage all Inpatient department needs. Patient Demographics along with the details of Admission, Room, Consultant, Surgeon, Diet, etc. and the Advance Payment made are entered into this EHR System
    • Unique admissions number generated for each patient
    • Easily manage admissions, discharges, and transfers
    • Quickly search for and allocate a bed, ward, and room by availability or cost
    • Ensures correct discharge process is followed
    • Generates comprehensive discharge summary
    • Records and generates related documents, e.g., consent forms for electronic signature
    • Forms that require patient signature are in regional language and English

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    • Billing of all Inpatient and outpatient consultancy and services with details of Patient Information, Services provided daily like Room rent, Operation, Delivery, Oxygen & Other Gases, Consultation, Nursing Charges, Laboratory tests, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medicines, Procedures, etc.
    • Paper-Based and Electronic Claim billing services to insurance companies
    • Vital data for MIS reports
    • Payment Overdue alerts for better revenue cycle management

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    All Department Management

    HMS manage all department in the hospital like front desk pathology, pharma, IPD, OPD reception, doctor panel, inventory, TPA, Ambulance, MRD Report, website management online appointments, account HR  etc

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    Data Prevention

    We take care of client data and assure for all security measure and prevent data loss while design, update and maintain.

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    Fast & Reliable

    Our Service support team assured to resolved any type of support ticket in mean time.,

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    Innovation partnership

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What are benefits of a Hospital Management System?

  • The Hospital Management Information System Software allows easy access to patient data to generate various records, including classification based on demographic, gender, age, and so on. It is especially beneficial at the ambulatory point, hence enhancing continuity of care. Internet-based access improves the ability to access such data remotely.
  • It helps as a decision support system for the hospital authorities for developing comprehensive health care policies.
  • It efficiently engenders the running of finance, the diet of patients, and also the distribution of medical aid. It gives a vivid picture of future hospital growth.
  • It reflects an improved drug usage monitoring system, including its effectiveness. It relegates adverse drug interaction to the background and gives a push to appropriate pharmaceutical utilization.
  • Integrated Inventory Management keeps track of all hospital stocks from medicines to linens and helps you keep the optimum level of stock all the time. It also minimizes the lost stock due to theft and misplacement.
  • It enhances information integrity by a reduction in transcription errors and duplication of information entries.
  • Hospital Management System is easy to use and eliminates errors caused by handwriting.
  • The latest technology gives perfect performance to pull up information from hosted or cloud servers.
  • It provides all data in a single platform, hence enables Business Intelligence Module to provide valuable insights into hospital operations and the quality of patient care.
  • It enhances the overall health care experience in a healthcare facility.
  • It improves the communication and interaction of doctors with their patients.
  • It reduces expenses of an organization because of less paperwork, improved safety, and reduced duplication of testing.


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