Shree Radhey – A brand that has always been superior in quality and traditionality of their products and practices. Serving customers around the globe, Shree Radhey promotes 100% natural Desi cow milk, butter, and ghee. From the farm-fed, highest milk-yielding native cow breed – ‘Gir’, the brand brings milk that is rich in A2 protein. Besides having medicinal benefits and being immensely nutritious, A2 milk is also beneficial to people who are unable to digest the regular A1 milk in the market.

Shree Radhey is not only known for its purity but also for the plentiful opportunities, the brand has created for the local women of the region. The milk brand has employed numerous women employers over the years promoting and supporting women employment. The local women are involved in the process of deriving milk from cows to churning it into ghee. This wholesome desi milk follows a traditional process of conversion into curd and then, Ghee. 
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